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    Sony Home Page Automation and Metrology offers sony digital readouts and digital linear scales for a milling machine for sony digital readout and digital linear scale. We can help trouble shoot your sony lh51 or any other SONY DIGITAL READOUT. Sony DRO and scales call be used with the sony LH51 digital readout. Sony linear scale sony digital scales can be refurbished and replaced by our staff. Sony DRO  or the SONY LH51 used with other measurement linear scale  interface to the Sony digital readouts and the magnescale made by the Sony Digital Readouts division. Sony readouts, sony digital scales and SONY DRO can be seen below
Feedback scale
Feedback scale
Rotary encoder
Complete Machine DRO Package

Sony Digital Readouts:



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  LH70 Series
Digital Readout Display

By combining both Mill and Lathe features, the LH70 offers flexibility for multiple applications in a single DRO display.

The LH70 includes: 1-3 axis configurations, Multiple Datum Points, Tool Offsets (lathe) and Bolt Hole Circle Calculator (mill).

The LH71 contains LH70 features plus Segmented Error Compensation; Line Hole, Scaling and Mirror Image Functions; programmable jobs or canned cycles.

Product Brochure
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LH 51 Manual






LH51/52   All Sony Digital Readout Displays feature these useful, practical capabilities:

  • Selectable display resolution
  • Selectable absolute/incremental display
  • Linear error compensation
  • Reset, preset and recall
  • Centerline and bolt hole* calculations
  • Datum point memory
  • Power loss data memory
  • Radius/Diameter selection
  • Self-diagnostics
  • Direct inch/metric conversion
  • 9 Tool Offsets**

Product Brochure

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LH 61 Manual

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Display unit LH61series


LH61   Sony programmable digital readout display includes most LH51 features plus:

  • 499 programmable steps
  • Scaling
  • RS232-C for part program upload download or direct part measurement


Product Brochure

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LG10   Sony  digital readout display for surface grinders