Numerical Controls and Accessories
Numerical Controls and Accessories

The TNC controls — Contouring Controls for Milling Machines and Machining Centers

Form a complete product line with the different models available
Control machines with up to 9 axes

Are workshop oriented with their conversational programming

Can also be programmed externally
Are also suited for automated machining
Are the best choice, from simple milling machining up to high-speed milling


The MANUALplus 4110 — Contouring Controls for Lathes

As cycle controls they combine simple operation with the productivity of a CNC
Enable production of simple workpieces manually, as you are accustomed to
Produce difficult workpieces automatically
Support programming with numerous cycles
Carry out complementary milling and drilling machinings in one clam



Contouring Controls
 For milling, drilling and boring
 machines, and for machining  centers
 TNC 124  Straight cut control for milling, drilling 
 and boring machines
 TNC 310  Compact contouring control for 3 or 4 
 TNC 410  Contouring control for 4 axes and spindle
 TNC 426
 TNC 430

 iTNC 530
 Fast contouring control for up to 5 (or 9) 
 axes  and spindle
For lathes MANUALplus 4110 Contouring control for manual lathes 
 with 2 axes and spindlel

 Inverters and Motors


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