HEIDENHAIN digital readouts are available for 1 to 4 axes and for measuring steps of 10 m to 1 m and finer.
Practical functions support the user in his daily work and increase his productivity.

Heidenhain PT 880 POSITIP 880



Heidenhain PT 880 Digital Readout

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Series ND 200

Measured value display units for length and angle

1 axis

Series ND 700

Digital readouts on milling machines or lathes for two and three axes

2 or 3 Axis

POSITIP 880 / 855

Digital readouts on milling machines or lathes for up to six axes

Up to 6 Axis


Highly readable digital display

User-friendly functions for easier operation of manual machines and equipment

Ergonomically designed push-button keys that remain legible after years of use

Simple, logically arranged keypad

Splash-protected front panel

Sturdy cast-metal housing built for the worst of day-to-day workshop conditions

Problem-free installation, maintenance-free operation

Fast payback with economical use

Position Display Units

Digital Readouts
Position display units serve to visualize the values measured with linear encoders, length gauges, rotary encoders or angle encoders. Areas of application include:

  • Measuring and inspection equipment

  • Dividing apparatuses

  • Monitoring of measuring equipment

  • Manual machine tools

  • Measuring machines

    Position displays from HEIDENHAIN are designed to be highly user-friendly. Typical characteristics are:

  • Highly readable, alphanumeric display

  • Simple, logically arranged keypad

  • Ergonomically designed push-button keys

  • Splash-protected front panel

  • Sturdy die-cast housing

    Most position display units feature a data interface for further processing in the higher-level electronics or simply to print out the measured values.




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