Rotary Encoders

Rotary Encoder Catalog

Rotary encoders serve as measuring sensors for rotary motion, and for linear motion when used in conjunction with mechanical measuring standards such as leadscrews. Areas of application include:

Electrical drives
Machine tools
Printing presses
Woodworking machines
Robots and handling devices

HEIDENHAIN rotary encoders convert rotary motion to electrical signals by photoelectrically scanning DIADUR circular graduations. The measuring signals are evaluated either in numerical controls (NC) and programmable logic controllers (PLC), or simply in a digital position display unit. Thanks its a wide range of mechanical and electronics features, the HEIDENHAIN rotary encoder program offers a the suitable rotary encoder for virtually any application from simple positioning tasks to the highly dynamic control of electrical drives. The rotary encoders of the ERM product family feature magnetic graduations on drums.


Type Coupling Product Family

Incremental Rotary Encoders
with integral bearing

Mounted stator coupling ERN
Separate shaft coupling ROD
Incremental Rotary Encoders
without integral bearing
None ERO
Incremental Rotary Encoders with commutation track
with integral bearing
Mounted stator coupling ERN
Absolute Rotary Encoders
with integral bearing
Mounted stator coupling
Singleturn: ECN
Multiturn: EQN
Separate shaft coupling
Singleturn: ROC
Multiturn: ROQ

What is a rotary encoder?



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