HEIDENHAIN LC 193F High Speed Serial Interface LC ABSOLUTE LINEAR SCALES - Serial Interface for Fanuc Controls



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Heidenhain PT 880 Digital Readout    




LC 193F - For Fanuc absolute position measurement
Absolute linear encoders for measuring steps to 0.1 μm (resolution to 0.005 μm), High positioning accuracy and traversing speed through single-field scanning, High vibration rating, Horizontal mounting possible

Specifications: LC 193F
Measuring Methods Absolute 
Measuring standard DIADUR glass scale with absolute track and incremental track 
Thermal expansion coefficient αtherm ≈ 8 x 10-6 K-1 
Accuracy grade 5 m 
Measuring lengths (ML) in mm  
Absolute position values Serial Interface Fanuc 02 
Resolution 0.05 m 
Cutoff frequency -3dB ≥ 150 kHz 
Power supply 3.6 to 5.25 V/< 300 mA 
Electrical connection Sep. adapter cable (1 m/3 m/6 m/9 m) connectable to mounting block 
Max. cable length 30 m 
Max. traversing speed 180 m/min 
Required moving force ≤ 4 N 
Vibration (55 to 2000 Hz) ≤ 200 m/s (EN 60068-2-6) 
Shock (11 ms) ≤ 300 m/s (EN 60068-2-27) 
Acceleration ≤ 100 m/s in measuring direction 
Operating temperature 0 to 50 C
Protection (IEC 60529) IP 53 when installed according to the mounting instructions
IP 64 if compressed air is connected 
Weight 0.4 kg + 3.3 kg/m measuring length 


Mounting  Instructions for the HEIDENHAIN
LC 193F Series Absolute Scale
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