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Sealed Linear Encoders for Measuring Steps of 1 m and 0.5 m
LS Series


LS 476, LS 486

Heidenhain Glass Scales


LS 476:  TTL 
LS 486:  1 VPP

LS 4x6 without mounting spar

ls_406.gif (1283 Byte)

Defined thermal behavior
For limited installation space
Simple installation with mounting spar
(for ML >= 1340 mm only with mounting spar)
LS 477/LS 487 with compact mounting block

LS 4x6 with mounting spar

ls406mo.gif (1004 Byte)

LS 176, LS 186

Heidenhain Glass Scales


LS 176:  TTL 
LS 186:  1 VPP
Defined thermal behavior
Withstands high vibration
Two mounting attitudes




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