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Application Type of machine Signal
Trigger signal levels
(operating voltage)
Workpiece alignment
Workpiece measurement
NC machine with automatic tool change Infrared HTL from the receiver unit
EA (Up = 15 to 30 V)
TS 632
NC machine with manual tool change machine Cable TTL (Up = 5 V) TS 220
HTL (Up = 10 to 30 V) TS 230
  Cable HTL (Up = 10 to 30 V) TT 130
  Tools and Workpieces: setup and measuring
Touch ProbesTouch Probes                    
3-D touch probes from HEIDENHAIN were conceived for use on machine tools - particularly for milling machines and machining centers. 3-D touch probes help to reduce setup times, increase machine utilization rates, and improve the dimensional accuracy of the finished workpieces. Setup, measuring and inspection functions can be conducted manually or - with most NC controls - under program control. The trigger signal is formed by an optical sensor, which functions without wear, and is very reliable.

Principle of Function (Sensor)

  Principle of Function (Sensor)  

3-D touch probes from HEIDENHAIN operate with an optical switch as sensor. The light beam emitted from an LED is collimated by a system of lenses and directed to a differential photovoltaic cell. When the probe contact is deflected, the differential photocell produces a trigger signal.

With its contact-free optical switch, the sensor operates without wear to guarantee the high long term stability that is characteristic of HEIDENHAIN 3-D touch



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