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The newest generation of digital readout systems, the ANILAM Wizard 550, features exclusive clear LCD display technology. This technology replaces the traditional LED and VFD displays still used by other manufacturers. The Wizard 550 features a 5.7", 320x240 resolution transmissive LCD display, the latest in flat screen technology.

The Wizard 550 grinding and general use LCD readout system is now totally intuitive as all prompts, instructions and help functions are now visible as text or graphics on the screen. In addition, all standard routines are now visible on the screen with graphics to guide the user through simple questions. It is no longer necessary to constantly refer to a manual or memorize codes, to access the functionality of the Wizard 550 system.

Available in the same LCD readout as a 2- or 3-axes display, The Wizard 550 for grinding and general use comes complete with zero reset capability, linear and non-linear error compensation, instant radius to diameter and inch to mm conversions, and absolute/incremental display features.

The Wizard 550 for Grinding and General Use Applications is designed to meet your grinding and general use needs with features that help all operators work smarter and faster:
  • Instant radius/diameter conversion reduces math errors and allows you to machine to print dimensions
  • Absolute/incremental display
  • 2- or 3-axes LCD display
  • Preset and zero reset
  • Near-zero warning
  • Instant inch/mm conversion
  • Linear and non-linear error compensation
  • Position-Trac™ - a unique feature that lets you easily, quickly and accurately reestablish workpiece zero after power loss

The Wizard 550 provides the CLEAR CHOICE of productivity for manual grinding and general use applications!

To view the Wizard 550 for Grinding technical specifications, please click here.

Download the Wizard 550 Product Brochure Here! (3.9MB)

Download the Wizard 550 Product Manual Here! (1.2MB)


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