Anilam Digital readouts for manual measuring machines. ANILAM digital readout is manufactured in Jamestown, NY. Anilam offers a full CNC upgrade at a competitive price





With a Anilam digital readout system the position is accurately given by the display right in front of the operator, all the way down to 0.00005" (1 micron) depending on the linear encoder chosen. The linear encoder registers only actual machine movement, effectively eliminating backlash from the positioning process.

Wizard 1000  readout for MILLING and TURNING applications is a fully programmable readout.

Wizard 550
for MILLING, Wizard 550T for TURNING, Wizard 550G for General Use and Grinding

Wizard 411 the cost effective digital readout for MILLING and TURNING.

These new readouts combine with the all new
SENC 50, SENC 150, ENC 125 and ENC 250
precision glass scale linear encoders to give you the CLEAR CHOICE in readout systems.

The gain in pro
ductivity pays for the investment in only a few weeks. This pay-back starts immediately, since ANILAM's Wizard system Wizard 411, Wizard 500 and the Wizard 1000 are so easy to learn and use.

The pay-back time is effectively independent of the level of system because the higher investment is compensated by the higher productivity gain. After those initial couple of weeks pay-back time, all that increased productivity becomes profit in your pocket. Acu-rite offers linear scales, digital readouts and turnkey CNC retrofits.

We also offer installation across the country.

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