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Black Oxide Black Guard Pin GageStandard Class ZZ Replacement Pins


Black Oxide Black Guard Pin Gage

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Replace missing, damaged, or worn-out Class ZZ gages from your existing sets and libraries. Each pin is individually marked with size and direction of tolerance. Packaged with a rust preventative, these pins maintain an indefinite shelf life; Each pin is NIST traceable and includes a Certificate of Accuracy printed on back of package.

Class ZZ (.0002 inch or .005 mm tolerance)  *Go (Plus) or NoGo (Minus)  * NIST traceable  * .0005 inch or .02 mm sizes  * .001 inch or .02 mm set increments  * 52100 tool steel; 60/62 Rc  * 2 inches long   *10 microinch finish or better   *within .0001 inch round


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