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angle encoders provide excellent dynamic performance.

HEIDENHAIN angle encoders are characterized by high accuracy values in the arc second range and better.
Examples for application:
  • Rotary tables on machine tools
  • Swivel heads on machine tools
  • C axes on lathes
  • Gear-testing machines
  • Printing units of printing machines
  • Spectrometers
  • Telescopes

    There are three different mechanical design principles:

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    Angle encoders with integral bearing, hollow shaft and integrated stator coupling

    Series Application

    Sealed Angle Encoders feature integral bearings and are available in various mechanical and electronic versions. Areas of application for these devices include NC rotary tables on machine tools.


      Exposed Angle Encoders also called modular angle encoders are supplied without bearing. The angle encoders are used in high-precision angle measuring tables and other precision devices in angular metrology, as well as for antennas and telescopes.









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