A phase grating on glass with a grating period of 8 m, manufactured in the DIADUR process, serves as measuring standard for LIF incremental linear encoders.
   LIF 101 LIF 121 LIF 181
Measuring standard DIADUR phase grating on glass
Output signals  11 APP  TTL   1 VPP
Signal periods 4 m 2 m 4 m
Accuracy grades 3 m
Recommended measuring steps 1 m to 0.1 m To 0.5 m 1 m to 0.1 m
Measuring lengths ML 70 to 3040 mm
Reference mark One at midpoint of measuring length or distance-coded


LIF 101, LIF 121, LIF 181

Heidenhain Exposed Linear Scale

LIF 101:  11 APP
LIF 121:  TTL 
LIF 181:  1 VPP
The scales of LIF linear encoders are fixed with HEIDENHAIN PRECIMET elastic adhesive film directly onto the mounting surface. This adhesive film ensures a defined thermal behavior and is resistant to solvents. The mounting procedure is quite fast thanks to its simplicity and to relatively large mounting tolerances.


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