Heidenhain Exposed Linear Scale

  Exposed Linear Encoders
  The measuring standard for linear encoders of the LIP and LIF design types is a phase grating applied to a carrier of steel (LIP) or glass (LIP and LIF).

Linear encoders of the
LIDA type operates with AURODUR steel scales with a graduation of highly reflective gold lines and matte etched spaces.

Linear encoders of the LIM type operates according to a magnetic scanning principle.

PP two-coordinate encoder has a two-dimensional phase-grating structure on a glass substrate. Through an interferential scanning method such as is used on the LIP and LIF linear encoders, this structure enables the PP to make measurements in a plane.

Selection aid: Exposed Linear Encoders           LIDA 278 DEMO HERE

  Measuring steps Model
With phase grating scale 1 m to 0.001 m LIP
With steel scale tape 1 m to 0.1 m LIDA
With glass scale 1 m to 0.1 m LIF
Magnetic scanning to 0,01 mm LIM
Two-coordinate encoder To 0.01 m PP

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