The exposed LIM linear encoder is an attractive solution wherever handling, woodworking or packaging machines require relatively simple linear encoders with high tolerance to airborne liquids or particles and with measuring steps down to 0.01 mm. It operates according to a non-contacting magnetic scanning principle and is therefore free of wear and relatively insensitive to contamination. Its measuring standard is a fully encapsulated steel strip to which a magnetized plastic coating is applied.

The LIM 581 is the proper choice for all applications involving linear motors because it outputs highly interpolable sinusoidal signals in 1 Vpp levels with a signal period of 10.24 mm. The LIM 571 with TTL square-wave signals and a signal period of 40 microns is ideal for direct connection with PLC controls.


   LIM 581 LIM 571
Measuring standard Magnetic plastic layer on steel support tape
Output signals  1 VPP  TTL 
Signal periods 10.24 mm 0.04 mm
Accuracy grades 0.1 mm
Recommended measuring steps 10 m
Measuring lengths ML 440 to 28 040 mm
Reference mark Possible every 10.24 mm
Traversing Speed Max. 600 m/min (23 600 ipm)
Protection IP 64


lim_5x1.gif (43566 Byte)



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