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Holtests - Series 368 - Two Point Models

Series 368


To read ID’s to .0001" directly, the probe movement is designed to assure consistent accuracy over the entire range. The probe movement fixes one side of the probe and allows the other half of the probe to move parallel to the stationary side. With this new design and the leafspring mechanism, these Holtests are, by far, the most direct and accurate instruments to check small hole diameters.
These Holtests are versatile, three-point internal micrometers for the accurate and efficient direct-measurement of internal diameters. Three anvils, evenly spaced at 120° apart, contact the internal wall surfaces and find true alignment with the axis of the bore for accurate ID measurement.

Measurement can be taken nearly up to the bottom of the bore.
Highly durable because of carbide tipped contact points.
Can measure deep holes using an extension rod which is available on models over 6mm measuring range.
Ratchet stop for constant measuring force.

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