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Mitutoyo Vernier Dial or Digital calipers. We offer special sales and other promotions. Check out the side bar 



Depth Gages



Height Masters


Height Gages


Mitutoyo Height Gages come
in 12" 24" 36"

Hardness Testers


Optical Instruments


Roundness Instruments
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Mitutoyo Bore Gages
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Mitutoyo Mitutoyo Digital Micrometers or Vernier Micrometers






Micrometer Heads

Mitutoyo Indicators for every application and every budget


Mitutoyo Gage Blocks





Vision Equipment
Surfness Testers
We use an A2LA   Accredited  Laboratory
Cert  #L1077




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AMI offers Mitutoyo hand tools such as Mitutoyo indicators, Mitutoyo calipers, Mitutoyo micrometers, Mitutoyo Surfness testers. We have We hold an excellent supply of Mitutoyo products.


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