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Inside Micrometers - Series 141 - Interchangeable Type

Series 141


The 141 Series Inside Micrometers are probably the most frequently used inside measuring instruments because of their wide range and simplicity in measuring operation.No. 141-233, (photo shown), consists of 5 interchangeable rods, 0.500" micrometer head, 0.500" collar 1" extension and handle. The range covered by this unit is 2" to 12". To provide point contact, all contact points are made spherical and hardened for extra long tool life. The overall accuracy is 0.0004" up to 12" (300mm), 0.001" there after to 40".

Each interchangeable rod is marked with its measuring range.
Both micrometer head and furnished rods are satinchrome finished throughout.
Positive locking clamp attached on No. 141-101 and 141-102. No lock on the larger sizes.
Supplied with fitted carrying case.

For closer tolerance work it is recommended that the micrometer with a rod inserted be calibrated with a known size such as a ring gage. The setting ring for “Holtest” would be an ideal choice.
As shown here, the Micrometer Head has a 0–0.250" range, reading in thousandths. A detachable holder provides easy access when measuring inside diameters within deep holes. For 1" to 1.250" range, the micrometer is used without the rod or collar.
For 1.250" to 1.500" a .250" collar is added between the rod and head. For 1.500" to 1.750" range, the rod is replaced. For 1.750" to 2", the collar is added between the rod and head. Thus, it measures 1" to 2""–.250"" at a time
.No. 141-233 Since this Inside Micrometer comes with a .500" range Micrometer Head, the combining of rod, collar and extended thimble is made simpler. For instance: the rod marked 4–6" measures from 4"–4.5". For 4.5–5" range, the .500 collar is added. For 5"–5.5" the extension thimble is used and for 5.5" to 6" the extension thimble and collar are used. Both measuring ends are hardened and have microlapped finish for lasting accuracy.


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