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Tubular Inside Micrometers - Series 337,137 - Extension Type


Series 137,337



Wide range of ID measurements by combining extension rods with the micrometer head. The rod is accurately finished and incorporated in a pipe for shop-floor use.
The 337 series provides digital readout to 0.0001"/0.001mm and can be linked to the SPC System.
Digimatic Function Include:Preset inch/mm conversion Zero-Set/ABS Hold Data Output
Power Supply:One Silver oxide cell (SR-44), offers 4,500 hours of life
The display automatically turns off if idle after 20 minutes.


Series 137, 337: [±(.00015+.00005n+.00005 (L/2))"]*/±(3+n+L/50)µm *n=Number of rods, L=Maximum measuring length [(inch)] (mm), Fraction rounded up


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