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Digimatic Carbon Fiber Calipers - Series 552


These large Digimatic Calipers have a beam constructed of a strong carbon fiber which makes them both durable and easy to handle. Standard jaws will take both outside and inside dimensions. Optional attachments available for special measurements.

Lightweight Digimatic caliper that employs CFRP Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics) in the beam and jaws.

The range of applications can be expanded by using the optional attachments.

Display: 6-digit LCD with a minus sign (-)

Functions include: Preset of desired starting point Inch/mm conversion Zero-setting, Data hold, Error alarm, Low battery alarm, Data output. (Note: Data hold and output functions cannot be used at the same time.)

Power supply: One SR44 (541980)

Battery life: Approx. two years under normal use (Approx. one year in continuous operation)

Provided with a data output port for connection with the SPC system.



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