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Coolant Proof Digimatic Caliper w/Abs. Enc. (IP-66) - Series 500


The World's First Coolant Proof Caliper
Introducing Mitutoyo's Coolant-Proof caliper, the world's first digital caliper sealed against fluids and contaminants!
Mitutoyo introduces the toughest digital caliper in the world–the first that's IP-66 rated: coolant-proof, dust-proof, chip-proof. Use it anywhere in the shop. It also includes Mitutoyo's patented absolute encoder technology, the "Set 'n Forget" origin set-up feature. Now you can take digital measurements in places you never could before! Models available with SPC output.
Technical Data
Quantizing Error: ± 1 Count.
Repeatability: .0005"/0.01mm
Display: LCD (Character height: .3"/7.5mm)
Functions: Origin setting, Automatic power on/off*1Inch/mm conversion, Data output Dust/Water Protection
Level: IP66 (IEC 60529)
Battery: SR44 (1pc.) up to 8" (2pc.) for 12"
Battery Life (0-6"): Approx. 3-year under normal use
Battery Life (0-12"): Approx. 1-year under normal use

Measuring System: Electromagnetic induction type absolute linear encoder*2
Response Speed: Unlimited
Optional Accessories
SPC Cable 1m/40": 05CZA624
2m/80": 05CZA625



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