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Dial Calipers - Series 505

Series 505

Improved durability, the sliding surfaces of the main blade are coated with titanium.

Slider displacements are amplified by a rack-and-pinion mechanism indicated on the dial.

QUADRI (4-Way) measurement, see next page.

Extra-rigid main beam. Hardened stainless steel.

Supplied in fitted carrying case.

Black-Face/Ratchet Type


Model 505-675-66 features an alternative dial face in black with white markings and a bright orange indicator needle for easy reading. This model is also equipped with Mitutoyo's new ratchet thumb roller providing a positive-clicking action just like a micrometer ratchet thimble.


Other alternate color dial face calipers are also available which are useful for identifying different users or departments and maintaining calibration schedules.



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