Mitutoyo Corporation - Depth Micrometers Series 129
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Depth Micrometers - Series 129


Flatness of reference face (bottom face of base): 0.00005" for 2.5" base/1.3µm for 63.5mm base 0.00008" for 4.0" base/2µm for 101.6mm base
Flatness of reference face (bottom face of base): 0.0001"/2.3µm
Zero point error of rod: ±(.00008"+.00004"x1/3)
Instrument accuracy: Inch ±.00015", Metric ±0.003mm
  • Ratchet stop for consistent and repetitive measurements.
  • 0.157" dia. interchangeable rods, with lapped measuring end, are calibrated and tested at the factory. The rod length can be adjusted, to compensate wear on the measuring tip, with two supplied wrenches
  • Satin-chromed finished throughout.
  • Crisp clear graduations on the thimble
  • Complete with fitted carrying case


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