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DRO Optional Accessories, Adapter Cross Reference



Enhanced vibration-resistance and durability

  • The spar is made of rigid die-cast aluminum alloy and has a ball-joint between the detecting head and the spar (only for AT115, AT102, AT111), yielding a lightweight design and enhanced vibration-resistance and durability.
  • Dust protector
    The innovative, wear-and oil-resistant dust protector protects the sliding portion of the detecting head from dust and water.
  • Signal cable
  • An armored signal cable is used to connect the scale unit to the display unit.
  • Waterproof detecting head and flexible cable connection
  • The detecting head of the AT102 is made waterproof by an O-ring, allowing it to withstand splashes of cutting fluid, etc. The signal cable outlet can be positioned on either side of the head so the signal cable can be connected from either direction.


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