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PSU-200 Pulse Signal Conversion Interface

Series 539



  • G
  • +5VDC external power supply.
  • Applicable with Linear Scales with the sinusoidal signal output.
  • Quadrature signal output (conforming to EIA standard RS422-A).
  • Alarm function for detecting broken wires or short circuits in the detector, over-speed and fluctuation errors in the input signal from the detector.
  • LED indications Origin signal input Alarm for power supply (voltage drop and noise)
  • DIP switch functions Direction switching Mode switching (high impedance/alarm signal output) Division selection (4/8/10/20/40/80/100/200)Min. edge interval selection (1000/500/250/125/62.5ns)

    Division setting: 4/8/10/20/40/80/100/200
    Min. edge interval setting:1000/500/250/125/62.5ns, Direction switching
    LED for alarm indication: Broken wires and short circuits in the scale, abnormal signal, overspeed
    Alarm output mode switching: High impedance output/alarm signal output, External alarm reset (photocoupler input)
    LED for origin detection
    LED for low-level power supply voltage warning



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