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Proscale - Series 950

Series 150,250,950 




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    Mitutoyo’s new ProScale ABSTM Absolute Encoder.Fractions to 1/64th of an inch are possible and decimals can be displayed in inch or metric.
    • Resolution: .001", 0.01mm 1/64 inch
    • Zero, increment or decrement reading with front panel button.
    • Display range: 0 to ±394.000", 0 to ±9999.99mm, 0 to ±99 63/64 inches
    • Power: Two standard AA batteries/display indicate low power. Battery Life one year with normal use.
    • Operating temperature: 32° to 120°F
    • Patent: U.S. Patent#’s 4420754, 4879508, 4878013, 4959615


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