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3-Wire Thread Measuring System


Fast and accurate method of thread measuring available for use with Micrometer


Measure setplug gages and working thread plug gages
Monitor the wear on working thread plug gages
Monitor and control pitch diameter variation during thread fabrication
Reduce measurement time to a fraction of the time normally taken using the traditional three wire method
Use in conjunction with “Go” and “No Go” ring gages to control thread size to the most demanding specifications
Determine out of roundness and taper that may exist in threaded parts
Applications for preplating and post plating thread measurement.

Tolerance of Wires:

Diameter +/- .000010
Roundness +/- .000010
Surface finish 2 micro inches AA, lapped.
Hardness HRC 59-64
Certification of accuracy included.
Traceable to NIST.
Meets or exceeds all ANSI and ISO specs


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