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Digimatic Micrometer - Series 293 - with or without SPC output


Extra large LCD readout
Lightweight design and digital display allow measurements to be taken with the micrometer held in one hand
Two measuring modes—ABS (absolute) and INC (incremental)—for efficient measurement(with SPC output Model)
Functions available: origin setting, inch/mm selection, zero-setting, data hold only with SPC models, erroralarm, auto-sleep, data output
Can be linked to the SPC system
Three types of constant-force devices are available:ratchet stop, ratchet-friction thimble, and friction thimble carbide-tipped measuring faces
Battery: SR44 (541980) x 1pc. for models up to 11–12" range
SR44 x 2pcs. for models of 12–13" range and above
Micrometers of ranges up to 4"(100mm) are “one-touch preset type”, whereas those of ranges exceeding 4"(100mm) are “all-digit preset type”
Origin setting function (ABS mode): The origin point value can be displayed with a touch of the ORIGIN button. (It is also possible to set any value as the origin.)
Zero setting function (INC mode)
Coolant proof micrometer IP65 dust/water protection level without SPC output


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