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Disc Micrometers - Series 369, 169 - Non-Rotating Spindle Type



Non-rotating spindle
The 369 series provides digital readout to 0.00005"/0.001mmand can be linked to the SPC system
Provided with a ratchet stop for constant-force
Measures paper thickness (169-103)
MDC type digimatic functions same as the digimatic outside micrometers series 293
Quick measurement with non-rotating spindle which advances 0.4"/10mm per thimble rotation
ABS (absolute) sensor tracks the spindle position, eliminating the need for repeated zero setting
Measuring range has become 0.2"/5mm wider than the conventional MDC type

Flatness: within .00004"/1µm
Parallelism: within .00016"/4µm for up to 2"/50mm, within .00024"/6µm for up to 4"/100mm. (only 169-103 within .00012")


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