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Screw Thread Micrometers - Series 326, 226, 126



Interchangeable tips for measuring various screw threads
The 326 series provides digital readout to 0.00005"/0.001mm and can be linked to the SPC system
Provided with a ratchet stop for constant force
Provided with a standard bar for zero point adjustment
Interchangeable tips are optional
60 degree V-Anvil and conical spindle are made of high-grade special steel, hardened and precision ground
Furnished complete with fitted carrying case
Digimatic functions same as the digimatic outside micrometers
Interchangeable V-Anvil Type for Measuring Pitch Diameter

An easy and accurate way to measure pitch diameters is with the new Digimatic Screw Thread Micrometers from MITUTOYO. These electronic micrometers are ready to accept MITUTOYO's optional anvils (pairs). Each anvil can be used for both metric and unified external threads. The correct pair of anvils must be selected and inserted in the hollow micrometer spindle and anvil. The micrometer anvil is fully adjustable by the knurled knob located on the anvil side of the frame. Zero set the micrometer with this knob whenever the anvil is interchanged.
60 degree V-Anvil and Conical Spindle are made of high-grade special steel, hardened and precision ground.
Furnished complete with fitted carrying case.


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