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Uni-Mike - Series 317, 117 - Interchangeable Anvil Type


Measures tube thickness, shoulder-edge distance, rivet head height, etc. with interchangeable anvils (flat anvil, rod anvil, Vanvil).
The 317 series provides digital readout to 0.00005"/0.001mm and can be linked to the SPC system.
Digimatic functions same as the Digimatic Outside Micrometer series 293 at the first pages of this section.

Flatness: Measuring face of spindle: .000024"/0.6µm Bottom of base: .00008"/2µm
Parallelism: .00012"/3µm With special Disc Anvil 950758 (shown in photo). The Uni-Mike is used as a height micrometer. The disc has a lapped, mirror surface.


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