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Wide Range Outside Micrometers - Series 104, 340 - with Interchangeable Anvils


Wide measuring range with interchangeable anvils
Carbide-tipped spindle
The 340 series can be linked to the SPC system
Provided with Ratchet Stop for constant force
Flatness: within .000024" /0.6¨¬m for up to12"/300mm within .00004"/1¦Ìm for up to 40"/1000mm
Parallelism: .00008" + .00004" x (L/4)/(2 + L/100)¦Ìm (*truncated after decimal pt.)
Measuring Accuracy: ¡À(.0002" + .00005" x L/3 )"/¡À(4 + L/75)¨¬m (*truncated after decimal pt.)
L = maximum measuring length

Models 340-713 through 340-716 feature a larger Digimatic Micrometer Head with swiveling face for easy reading at any angle.

Digimatic Functions
Models 340-711-30 & 712-30
Inch/mm, Preset, Zero/ABS, Data Send/Hold

Models 340-713, 714, 715 & 716
Hold, Inch/mm, On/Off, Preset, Zero/ABS, Data Send

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