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At ANILAM, we learned that you wanted a readout system that provides you with greater flexibility, increased productivity, easy feature access, better accuracy and improved workpiece quality. We applied what we learned and put your wants and needs first.

The result...ANILAM's complete family of operator-friendly readout systems.......

Wizard 1000  readout for MILLING and TURNING applications is a fully programmable readout.

Wizard 550
for MILLING, Wizard 550T for TURNING, Wizard 550G for General Use and Grinding

Wizard 411 the cost effective digital readout for MILLING and TURNING.

These new readouts combine with the all new
SENC 50, SENC 150, ENC 125 and ENC 250
precision glass scale linear encoders to give you the CLEAR CHOICE in readout systems.


ANILAM is one of the market leaders for digital readout systems in North America, and has consistently set DRO design standards for nearly 40 Years! The heart of ANILAM's new product design is the Wizard 1000 and 550 for All Manual Machine Tool Applications. The major innovation of the Wizard 1000 and Wizard 550 DRO consoles is the clear LCD display which replaces the traditional LED and VFD display technology still used by others. All new Wizard 1000 and 550 consoles have 5.7", 320 x 240 resolution transmissive LCD displays, the latest in flat screen technology.

Major benefits of this display technology are that users can now configure the Wizard 1000 console for a 2-, 3- or 4-axes display and can set the application software for milling or turning according to their needs. This versatility obsoletes the expensive need for users to buy multiple application-specific consoles.

Major benefits of this display technology are that users can now configure the Wizard 550 console for a 2- or 3-axis display and can set the application software for milling, turning, grinding or general use according to their needs. This versatility obsoletes the expensive need for users to buy multiple application-specific consoles.

ANILAM readout systems include Position-Trac™, a unique feature that answers the need for battery backup by enabling the operator to easily, quickly and accurately re-establish workpiece zero after power loss. Position-Trac™ works by using a very precise distance encrypted (coded) fiducial trigger output (FTO) line pattern that gets placed onto the glass scale. Our new readouts then use proprietary software to de-code the line pattern. This enables the operator to accurately re-establish zero from any position, significantly reducing time consuming set ups.

Backed by a Hassle-Free 3 Year Warranty, ANILAM readout systems were designed and are manufactured in the United States at ANILAM's ISO-9001 registered facility, with worldwide support provided by a factory-trained and certified distribution network.


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Additional precision grating on the RBS and RBM linear encoders ensure permanent position tracking. The position will never be lost due to power interruptions.

Radius/Diameter Mode
The console can display the position either as a radius or diameter, an invaluable feature for lathes.

Machine Error Compensation
Machine mechanics are never exact. A correction factor can be set for each axis independently. Just move the axis a known distance, input what it should have been and the wizard will automatically make the necessary correction. Correction is linear in Wizard 211 and can vary over four segments in other models.

Absolute/Incremental Mode
This feature allows positioning using either an absolute datum or the last position as reference for subsequent moves. Selectable with a single key stroke.

Interactive Message Display
The Wizard will calculate actual feed-rate and display here, or the job clock can be read. Also in this display, the Wizard will prompt for data input, making the most demanding operations easy to set up. With the built in help utility, the Wizard will tell the operator what the proper F-codes are.

Bolthole patterns are often symmetric. The Wizard 450 will automatically calculate all the positions for circular, linear, array or frame patterns, from a minimum of data entry. Only the centerpoint, diameter and number of holes are required for a full circular hole pattern with up to 360 holes.

Tool Length Offsets

The Wizard 450L will keep track of tool lengths offsets, so there is no need to redatum tools.
Axis Coupling

When there are two slides on the same axis, the Wizard will couple the two positions together. The operator can use the slides independently and the Wizard will automatically calculate the true tool position.

The Wizard 900 and Wizard 900E store programs like in an electronic notepad. There's up to 500 locations available. The memory can keep many programs in store, independently labeled.

Skew Compensation
Instead of wasting productive time for setting up jobs, use skew compensation and the Wizard will automatically make the necessary corrections to part misalignment.


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