The non-contact open measuring systems are for high displacement velocities and high accuracies,
commonly used in clean environments.
Non-contact open encoders rely on the air gap between the encoder head and scale to be uniform over the measuring range. The flatness of the mounting surface and the parallelism of the machine guideway is important.
Depending on the version of the measuring system, two different measuring scales are available: 
glass (partially ROBAX glassceramic) or steel .


Measuring scale,
Overall size Type/Series
5 m to 0,05 m steel tape scale small version MS 30 series
100 m to 0,1 m glass scale or steel tape scale compact version MS 50 series
10 m to 0,1 m glass scale or steel tape scale flat version MS 61 series
0,1 m to 0,01 m glass scale small version MS 80
2 m to 0,1 m glass panel small version TDE 60
1,25 m to 0,1 m steel tape scale on steel carrier
guided by ball bearings
small version MSG 10


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