• High-speed response, superior accuracy, and high environmental resistance
  • Resolution of 0.1, 0.05, and 0.01 m (including special model)
  • A wide range of new Laserscales are offered - shield type with zero point, open type with zero point, and low-expansion glass open type - and feature unrivaled ease of installation
  • Head signal pitch of 0.4 m provides almost zero interpolation error
  • Optical IC driven by the latest semiconductor technology are used for a compact, energy efficient design
  • Typically not affected by changes in temperature, humidity, or air presssure, or by atmospheric fluctuations and uses low-expansion glass for enhanced measurement stability(Compact, open type)
  • Shield type design is non-contact, which eliminates mechanical errors
  • Maximum speed of 3,000 mm/s (analog output)



NEW BS78  
  • Compact LASERSCALE with a zero point boosting a resolution of 0.14nm
  • High-resolution scale with signal wavelength of 0.1379 m that out-performs light wave interferometer systems
  • High stability that is not affected by humidity, air pressure, and air disturbances
  • Newly designed optics used in zero point.
  • Half in volume with zero point comparing to previous model
  • Zero point accuracy 0.1m
  • Accuracy: 0.04m or better (for a measuring of 40 mm.)
  • Complete non-contact design. Return error is theoretically eliminated.



  BS77 BS77  
  • High accuracy, compact design
  • With easy operation
  • Little affected by changes in humidity/atmospheric pressure and air flow
  • Non-contact head achieving high repeatability and extremely small return error Applications
  • Applications
    Electron microscopes, wafer checkers, etc.

  BS75A-R/RS BS75A-R/RS   High accuracy laser scales capable of high resolution (0.05m/0.1m), high-stability, ultra high-precision measuring. Exposed type with a built-in optical zero point, featuring a low expansion coefficient.
  • Comparable to the laser interferometer in accuracy and resolution.
  • Has a built-in high accuracy optical zero point.
  • Various measuring lengths ranging from 30 to 410mm 9 models.
  • Easy to install and adjust like Magnescaler
  • Little affected by disturbed air and changing temperature and atmospheric pressure
  • Various interface modes
  • Applications
    semiconductor manufacture, inspection, precision machining and testing.

  BS75A/76 BS75A/76   The BS75A and BS76 Series are high-accuracy laser scales with a low expansion coefficient that provides reliable, hith-precision measuring with a resolution selectable from 0.01m, 0.05m and 0.1m.
  • Comparable to the laser interferometer in accuracy and resolution.
  • Measuring length : 30 mm to 410 mm/1.2" to 16.1" (covered by 9 models)
  • As easy to handle as Magnescale (installation/adjustment) reliable.
  • Little affected by disturbed air and changing atmospheric pressure.
  • Usable in vacuum of up to 10-5 Pa; Uses vacuum resistant material.
  • Various interface modes.

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