Thread Plug Gages

  Cylindrical Gages & Master Discs Tri-Rolls & Thread Comparators Master Ring Gages
Thread Ring Gages  

Plain Plug and Ring Gages

Pin Gage Sets and Replacements NIST Calibrated

We Offer Ring Gages, Plug Gages, Pin Gages, Fast Delivery For ACME Gauges, Cylindrical Gages, Setting Rings, Class ZZ Pin Gages      
 - Custom Gage Manufacturing Available -

Thread Ring Gages Metric Thread Gages Plain Plug and Ring Gages Cylindrical Gages & Master Discs Tri-Rolls & Thread Comparators



Dia-Lectron Amplifier

Dia-Met Comparator

Dia-Met / Dia-Lectron Comparator System

Angle Gage Head and Cartridge Gage Head

The economical solution to close tolerance measurements, the Dia-Met offers real versatility.  In precision machining the machinist can perform measurements at his own work station saving valuable production time.  In quality applications, final inspection efficiency is increased due to the ease and speed of use.


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