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We offer micrometer masters for your in house calibration needs We also have surveillance masters for calipers that are NIST tracable
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Model 16-1/2 or Model 16-1/2 M

Model 16-1 or Model 16-1 M




A micrometer, like all other measuring equipment, needs to be calibrated on a regular cycle. Gage blocks are one method of accomplishing this. Unfortunately, this practice can be hard on the gage block surface, will negatively effect the wringing ability prematurely, and requires significant skill levels to become proficient. Gage blocks can also produce errors in calibrating micrometers due to a flat surface versus a diameter. This is typically what is being measured. Micrometer masters are extremely handy being fixed in place and simulating the parts being checked. The GSG 01-1 for one-inch micrometers, for example, has two (2) odd steps, one at .512 and the other at .762. These steps allow you to check the micrometer at 90 and 180 degrees from the fixed anvil respectfully, thereby checking the parallelism of the anvils.

Micrometer masters are available in four (4) standard styles.



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