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PDL Heavy Duty Manual Gauge

Ideal for long length material gauging
Hand wheel with pinion and chain drive for quick, precise adjustments
Moving carrier with 8 times bearings
Digital readout with quantity counter
Pneumatic-Brake system for maximum holding force
Pneumatic retract (1.6in) and shock absorption
Cable tray and mounting bracket
Left or right side mounting

Brake force: min. 2000N
Accuracy: +/- 0.001in/ft (+/- 0.1mm/m)
Standard length: 3ft (1m) to 20ft (6m)
Total length: measuring length + 1.5ft (0.5m)
Max. length: up to 65ft (20m)
Digital Readout: 6 digit LED display with quantity counter
Push buttons for pneumatic brake, retract and arm lift
Measuring system: Waterproof and wearfree direct magnetic measuring
system to eliminate backlash

Pneumatic gauge arm lift & lower

Infeed roller table
Material stand with single roller
Working table

Roller Tables

RB460-S, Super Heavy Duty Roller Table for Band saws
Steel construction with metal rollers and metal inserts
Open conveyor (no drip tray) with material fence rollers
Easy-Adjust stands for flexible height adjustment from
21in to 30in (550mm to 750mm)
Roller capacity: 400 lbs per roller
Roller width: 18in (450mm), diameter: 3.2in (80mm)
Roller wall thickness: 0.0591in (1.5mm)
Optional : 30 degree miter cutout

RB220 and RB420, Heavy duty roller tables
Heavy steel construction with metal rollers and inserts
Includes drip tray
Easy-Adjust stands for flexible height adjustment from
28in to 41in (700mm to 1050mm)
Material fence, ideal for pipes
Roller capacity: 200 lbs per roller
Roller width: RB220=8in (210mm), RB420=16in (410mm)
Roller wall thickness: 0.0591in (1.5mm) or 0.1181in (3mm)







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